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Test and choose the best subscription that matches your needs, Vega Premium or Vega Deluxe Plus.

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We are always here for you. Our costumer support is available 24h/7d just to answer your questions.


All qualities are available : SD, HD, FullHD and HEVC. Choose a quality depending on your internet speed.


Easy setup on all devices in 5 minutes. We will guide you by email, chat or video chat step by step.


Unlike other servers, With Vega, watch your favorite content smoothly and without any freezes or lags.

All Our Offers And Plans

Checkout our plans and order a free 24 hours test or 1, 3, 6, 12 months subscription. Click on more info for more details about each of our offers and check out the channels lists.

Vega Premium

+80000 Channels/VOD
+20600 Movies
+2060 Series
EPG Available
Great Stabilty
2 Days Catch Up

59€ / 12 months
39€ / 6 months
24€ / 3 months
16€ / 1 month
3€ / 24h test

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Vega Deluxe Plus

+140000 Channels/VOD
+16200 Movies
+3300 Series
EPG Available
Optimal Stabilty
7 Days Catch Up

109€ / 12 months
79€ / 6 months
54€ / 3 months
26€ / 1 month
4€ / 24h test

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Vega 2-in-1

You couldn’t choose and you want to test or buy both servers ?

139€ / 12 months
94€ / 6 months
64€ / 3 months
34€ / 1 month
5€ / 24h test

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We Are Compatible With All Devices

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